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How 1 weekend can change your life – lessons from RM Noosa

Is this IT??

  • Superficial highs of parties – ❌
  • Being an athlete – ❌
  • School & University – ❌
  • 3 years trying to find a home in Latin America – ❌
  • Living in the geographical centre of Australia – ❌
  • Coach with the winning NRL team – ❌

I still had 2 persistent feelings:

  1. That there is something else I’m meant to be doing
  2. That there is a better way to nurture and cultivate the human existence

How would we live if we actually chose to live our best?

Visions of real food, real people, movement and an environment for humans to thrive in.

Knowing the current system isn’t designed around maximising the individual, or the collective, the questions were always rolling around…

What is our collective human potential?

How are we meant to be living?

Ten years later we have a tribe of committed individuals working every day to define, design and execute on better living.

Every event is a step into the unknown, even for me as the organiser.

Noosa was a massive step forward.

We have a path, a message, a method and we have a pledge to continue to give life to our shared vision.

This might be IT!

We share the messages below from the hearts of RealMOVEMENT Coaches who attended the recent Noosa Intensive.

We share them in the hope that you will find more inspiration and certainty to live your truth.

Humanity is in a rapid state of evolution and the decisions of its cells have never been more important.

Here are our words.

Ezra Taylor – Brisbane Strength and Movement


I wasn’t even going to show.

For the last year, I was acting. Daily I was playing out a role and hoping in some way I would stop drowning. I hid my pain, I cowered under excuses, guilt training, expectations, ego, blame, internal thought and a lack of responsibility. I had slid. I let my relationship fade with the one person I had promised on the day of our marriage that I wouldn’t. My spark, me, Ezra, the lovingly warm and affectionate soul who seeks to connect on a deeper REAL level dissipated “below the line.” The kid who was called fat and “would never make it as a Pro Rugby player” but did, had accepted the BS that runs regularly in thought & social pressure. The Lad who had punished himself to hide from bullying and abuse and defy odds was waving a white towel and ready to chuck it. The service I thrive on was the only thing keeping me from drowning as it’s the only thing I’ve known to keep me above water and make sense of my purpose. It’s always been that way but it wasn’t recognised and it lost its value. The sainted pit bull had lost his bite and couldn’t share it with anyone…. What’s left? A life less lived? A facade filled with a need for constant external upheaval? A reliant beat up dog scavenging on scraps….. Yeah, that’s what was left….. I had accepted shit and was ok to bask in it angry, reliant, defeated………. Until Saturday 7th Nov in Noosa….. My pack executed! Squad, tribe, community whatever you want to call it, subtly called out my BS and showed me I was failing to be me. I want to personally thank Lyndon Holzheimer (of iPug & RMP) for making this happen through an open group discussion. Who were these assholes telling me I was introverted, telling me I was quiet. Really Ben? (Who at the time wanted to rip his head off!!!!) Then it all clicked. I had been conditioned to play out a character who wasn’t me. A boisterous loudmouth ego driven faker and it wore me thin.

I am introverted, I like deep thought and big hugs, I feel others pain and take comfort in being their shelter. As a boy I smothered my Mother, I yearned for this inside and hadn’t seen nor felt this affection until Noosa. I felt a group of men, young and old share all, bare all and a need for self-improvement through honesty to fulfil our deepest values, purpose and dreams. We got REAL.

We evaluated, assessed and discussed. We decided around Movement that enough was enough it’s time to take this thing to where it should be. The TOP!!! This is the greatest health and fitness initiative built around Holistic health and performance but why isn’t it known???? Why is it not making the impact it should and changing the world like it’s set to? Because we thought it could be done alone. This weekend RMP healed individuals, showcased standards, skills, built businesses, strengthened and aligned mindset more intently than ever before. How??? Honesty, recognition, responsibility and challenge TOGETHER! We brought it in as a team and decided enough is enough if this thing is to grow, we need to be who we are above the line and form an unbreakable allegiance. What made this more powerful and gave clarity is that we now have a team with an outcome and direction who are going to guide with tools, systems and structure. This aligned with RM members giving more to the collective and has shown me the most clarity out of any RM event to date and it was only small in numbers. Imagine the power if we were ALL IN? Scary but damn exciting.

Hi, I’m Ezra, sometimes quiet, always thinking, caring and wanting a hug and I’m ok with that. I’m also ok that some of the things life has conditioned me to be may sneak up, but I know I have my team to keep me above water. Wait… “team”? Nah, Ezra wouldn’t say that. Family. I trust you all and have a deeper affinity than I have with most of my family. Let’s go Fam, let’s take this to where it should be and heal the World!

Generation X “SUCK IT!” That’s just what the cover on this post reminds me of🙅🏼 There is so much to gain from having a go!!! It’s the start of something, something that exponentially may generate more growth and positive change. If not it’s still something because you have developed an increased tolerance to having a go at something different and challenging yourself. Backflips, saults, ball balancing, foot juggling, hula hooping, Handstands. Which one would frustrate, scare, challenge you? For me today it was the hula hoop, yep the hula hoop. I couldn’t get it, even though as a child I could and this played on me. Do I choose to quit at developing a skill that could have transferable mindset and neural development??? Something as “stupid” “kiddie” as the hula hoop???? Up your game, challenge your mindset @realmovementproject #Gymnastics #Move #Play #Smile #Weightlifting #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #Humanpotential #mindset #Standards

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Luke Harvison – The Farm Gym


The Noosa intensive.

I’d only committed to making it to parts of the experience over the four days because I thought that would be enough. I was in a shit state of mind and stuck in a cycle of struggle…. not living or thinking above the line. This was evident in my family life, my business and my personal well being. I had never been this stressed or sick in my life. I knew walking out of a 6 figure job I could do with my eyes shut to being in control of what I made out of my own business would be tough, but this was something else. I was so unbelievably happy to be on this journey but part of me was letting it slowly crumble around me. I wasn’t owning my thoughts, actions and results of The Farm Gym. We were having phenomenal success with our clients, and yet I wouldn’t take the credit. I wasn’t owning the wins or losses.

This last weekend shattered the loop in the most surreal way. I have done some team building exercises before where people went deep, but the energy and camaraderie of this group of men hit me on a cellular level. It was like water for the thirsty seedling, what I needed to grow. I have always believed in how humans working together can affect change, but seeing the bond and unity in directions all of us shared over the weekend gave me hope. Hope that we will see a huge positive shift in the direction of our species in our lifetime.

My friends, I thank you all from the deepest part of my heart and soul. The energy and strength you all imparted on me will go on forever. This weekend was an experience that will never be forgotten, and I hope for more of these in the future. I am here for all of you in whatever capacity you need, as I feel you are all for me. Together we will change the world.

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible… it’s yours”. Ayn Rand

Together it is ours, my friends.

What if you surrounded yourself with people of strength and integrity? . How would your world change? . @thefarmgymsch is one of the amazing communities striving for better in the @realmovementproject network. We share this vision of change with these amazing coaches and communities: @noosa_strength_centre @youtoucancoaching @witnessthefitnessaus @ezrataylor_bsandm @benmurphy @fitdaddyray @cornerstonenewcastle @mark_prodigyfitness @michaelgrogan_movement @holistic_health_performanceau @keegan_smith @alexcopelin @bra_ndonlee @leigh_riley_stalker @willstodulka @benjamin_lochlan @ben_greenwood100 Follow us all to live the change. . If you are local to any of these coaches and are yearning to be part of something world changing reach out and become part of a community like you’ve never seen before. . The stronger your community is, the more impact you can have as an individual on this 🌎 . ❤️💪🏼🌎

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Leigh Stalker – Noosa Strength


Who sits at your dinner table…

Over the 4 days of the Noosa Intensive, gratitude filled my heart constantly.  

Opening my facility and home up to this RMP family was an absolute pleasure and one I consider myself very fortunate to have shared with everyone.

As we shared food, listened, connected and laughed at the dinner table I couldn’t help but feel proud to be among these great men.  Men that have dedicated themselves to creating a healthier, happier and more abundant norm for not just our local communities but for our global one.  

This is what the four days were about.  

Thinking bigger, being bolder and owning up to what is required for our success as individuals and as a movement.

As individuals, each and every member of RMP is an outstanding and inspiring person.  But this is not enough.  

Connection, support and continued momentum creation between members is required.   

The intensive highlighted we are accountable to each other’s success.  

We are accountable to contribute and we are accountable to lead. Lead in this industry, lead in our communities, lead our families and lead ourselves with clarity and discipline.  

Over the course of the four days, a bond was formed between us all.   

An understanding that this time it’s different…

This time we move as one…

This time we move as focused brothers…

This time we walk beside each other as leaders…

This time we are Real Movement Project…

This time we are The Movement

Environmental influence on personal development and performance is not to be under rated.. • Surround yourself with people who inspire you, see greatness with you and support you.. • There is transformational power in doing so.. • This gym community is part of a larger community – Real Movement Project. Both the communities together are passionately helping people become their best self.. • Follow these coaches below to see how they are helping to create positive change within others.. • @realmovementproject @youtoucancoaching @witnessthefitnessaus @willstodulka @benjamin_lochlan @benmurphy @fitdaddyray @cornerstonenewcastle @prodigyfitness.australia @michaelgrogan_movement @ezrataylor_bsandm @holistic_health_performanceau @keegan_smith @alexcopelin @bra_ndonlee @leigh_riley_stalker #realmovementproject #moveinspirecreate #noosastrengthcentre

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Mark Christianson – Prodigy Fitness


Noosa intensive…

wow, what a huge 4 days of physical activity, opening the minds and letting people into your heart who are all on the same path. The honesty from every individual is truly amazing. I found out a lot of weaknesses and some strengths.

With only being in the program 4 weeks I was unsure/nervous on where I would fit in as I’m not up to the standards. Or if I even belong in the presence of Keegs and the rest.

I’m so grateful for finding the RMP and truly believe everything happens for a reason. I can’t wait to evolve more as a human being and learn so much from everyone involved in this family.

(A little bit of my story) I self-sabotaged my years of rugby league making the wrong choices with the wrong crowd. This rubbed off as a bad attitude and lived below the line for many years.

My wife and I bought into a franchise a few years ago without doing sufficient research and lost $200k having to sell the house we built so the banks didn’t take it. So for me to be in RMP it is a big deal to trust the process.

I’m so thankful for Lyndon Holzheimer to tell that story on Saturday evening and it’s now time for me to stand up and take control of my family’s situation and turn this around.

I really believe the RMP is on the path to making a great change in this world. I feel privileged to be associated with this brand and will do my best to help it grow with the rest of you.

Its now time to lift the standards of my family, my business and everyone around me.

Thanks to all of you for such a great 4 days. I can’t wait for the next one.

Will Stodulka – YouToucan Brisbane


I have been to over 15 RMP events over the last 2 and a half years. Every event has been massively life-changing and a huge experience, but Noosa 2017 went above and beyond anything that has been before.

A burning theme for the camp was developing solutions to the question, “How are we meant to be living?” How can we experience happiness, fulfilment, community engagement, health and vitality, peak physical performance, creative thinking, loving relationships, financial freedom, sustainability for our planet, and ultimately an amazing life? The magnitude and importance of this concept is overwhelming and the boldness of a community which engages in these questions is extremely inspiring, especially when it is built around so much optimism, collaboration and genuine love and passion.

As a stand-alone event, the Noosa intensive was hugely enjoyable, but the power in this event has definitely been the relationships that have been built and strengthened, the clarity we have all gained for our collective vision and individual roles within it, and the confidence and self-belief which has been developed as a result of open and vulnerable conversation and connection with each other, as well as through overcoming physical struggles and fears like big ocean swims, back somersaults or intense training sessions.

“How are we meant to be living?” How can we experience happiness, fulfilment, community engagement, health and vitality, peak physical performance, creative thinking, loving relationships, financial freedom, sustainability, and ultimately an amazing life? The @realmovementproject community have just spent an awesome 4 days at @noosa_strength_centre and @thefarmgymsch exploring these questions which are at the heart of the RMP vision and philosophy 💪 It was an incredible few days with everyone and I’m so grateful to be a part of this passionate and supportive tribe 💪 I’m also extremely excited for the continued impact and growth we will have together as a community! 😊 @benmurphy @keegan_smith @leigh_riley_stalker @benjamin_lochlan @bra_ndonlee @ezrataylor_bsandm @holistic_health_performanceau @fitdaddyray @michaelgrogan_movement @youtoucancoaching @alexcopelin @thefarmgymsch @lyndonholzie @mark_prodigyfitness @colonel_kfit @dmitri_simons

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Josh Mcgarry – Brisbane Strength & Movement


Heading into these intensives I am always nervous and as much as I look forward to going I always have that voice in the back of my head looking for excuses. Am I worthy? Have I done the work the others have? Do I have anything to offer the community? Do I even belong?. These are thoughts I have felt my whole life about everything I have done.

But once in the environment, getting to know others stories, triumphs, challenges I can begin to relate, I’m not alone.

Having someone look you in the eyes and get deep and tell you what they see in you was unbelievably humbling and uplifting. You begin to think Maybe I am worthy, maybe I do have something to offer.

As men in what situation do we ever go that deep? I can tell you I have never had those connections with anyone, ever!

Over the 4 days, you can expect to be tested mentally, emotionally and physically. From sharing your story with strangers to facing your fears attempting backflips. There’s nothing for me more nerve-racking. But you come away feeling empowered and take those 2 situations into your day to day life.

Nothing beats the energy shift and bonds formed by a group of men by the end of the 4 days.

The direction moving forward in RMP is clear and as a TRIBE we will strive to optimize every human’s potential globally. Because if not us, then who?

Blessed to be apart of the RMP Family and to have spent 4 days with all you lads. I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t stumbled across Keegan Smith FB page in June last year!

It is clear now that this is what I’m willing to give my life too.

“Be the change you want to see in others” . Epic 4 days spent with the @realmovementproject TRIBE exploring our infinite potential with plenty of breakthroughs mentally & physically. . The Real Movement philosophy is based on optimizing every humans potential through MOVEMENT, WELLNESS & ABUNDANCE. I’m extremely grateful to be apart of this community and excited to see the impact we will make on the world 🌏 together! . Much love to all these men! Never underestimate what you can achieve as a collective✊🏽. . Massive S/O to the brother @leigh_riley_stalker for hosting us in his facility and welcoming us into his home. @thefarmgymsch for an epic Sunday sesh getting sweaty and dirty and my mentor @keegan_smith for leading from the front and producing another beaut of an intensive. @keegan_smith @benjamin_lochlan @ezrataylor_bsandm @benmurphy @fitdaddyray @willstodulka @bra_ndonlee @michaelgrogan_movement @colonel_kfit @alexcopelin @mark_prodigyfitness @lyndonholzie . . . . . #noosa #sunsinecoast #brisbane #holistic #health #performance #australia #realmovementproject #performancecoach #inspo #wellness #movement #abundance #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #keto #cleaneating #fatloss #weightlifting #fitness #fasting #mindset #betterthanyesterday

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Ray Moaga – Uso


I thought I was going to die…actually! My arms were fatigued, my breathing was all over the place, my brain kept screaming, “What the heck were you thinking? You suck at swimming!”..this was it!…that was until I looked up and connected eyes with Keegan who calmly spoke to me and said, “you’re alright mate”. Although every part of me wanted to stop swimming, I knew in my heart that Keegan was not going to let me drown.

Lessons I learnt in that moment:

– Sometimes the only way to conquer your fear is to go ALL IN! I was terrified about swimming but I thought if I don’t step up now, what will I tell my clients, family and friends about conquering their fears? If I don’t do it now, when will I ever? What about business goals? Have their been decisions/moments that require me to go ALL in but I’ve parked it away because it’s too hard to deal with?

– TRUST! There wasn’t much trust in my own ability going on upstairs in my head when I jumped into the water, but I placed so much trust in people around me to help if I was going to sink. Do we trust each other with our lives/families/business when things are not going well? Do we have that kind of community to rely on?

– KEEP GOING! Even though I didn’t complete the swim I still had to do the work to swim back to shore. Keegan could’ve dragged me back, but if he did how would that help me? It wasn’t too far to swim back to shore but for me, it felt like an eternity. You have to keep going and use every stroke you can do to get you back. Keep going until your feet touch the bottom. I have to put in the hard work to make it!

– TAKE A BREATH AND REFOCUS! Once I got back to shore we walked until we got close enough to the guys. It gave me time to breathe and reset why I was there – to be challenged. Can this be applied to our lives? Most certainly! When things are getting tough, take time out, breathe, refocus on the bigger picture and then head back into the water.

– LEADERS = RMP! That moment when Keegan helped was the RMP embodied! RMP doesn’t let the weakest fall behind. RMP is always encouraging and empowering you to keep going and keep calm. RMP stays with you in the roughest of times. RMP walks beside you. RMP helps you conquer your deepest fears. RMP is a community I can trust and rely on. RMP goes all in. RMP is you…me!

Brett Kruger – Ignite Health Performance Follow


To me, the Noosa Real Movement Intensive embodied more about the soul of Real Movement than I have experienced before.

To stand amongst men who inspire me to be better and hear that they share the same uncertainties as myself gave me strength that I can achieve better. We are all very much the same people on a similar path of life and I have never quite realised how accessible and genuinely supportive our Real Movement Leaders are to help one another achieve our Real Movement target.

I have never had such open and honest conversation amongst others and when put to the task of speaking my thoughts aloud, it was incredibly confronting at the time but so liberating to vocalise to everyone. My mind, body and spirit were challenged and now it is my responsibility to be accountable to make the possible changes required to deliver the message of the Real Movement Project to my members and surrounding community.

To hear the direction Real Movement is heading is so encouraging, and to be a part of this amazing tribe of wellness warriors.

I felt more a part of the RM community (tribe) and love the therapeutic benefits that come from a mix of the physical and mental stimulus.

I’m empowered more than ever to make changes to remain above the line and be accountable to striving for higher standards and to maintain the integrity of Real Movement Project.

More to come from me, and will be pushing above the line every day.

Ben Murphy


Putting an RM intensive into a few words doesn’t do it justice.

It’s life-changing.


I’ve grown, I’ve created and I’ve got purpose – hourly, daily and yearly. I’ve been to well over 15 events with each one shaping me into what I am today.

You can’t experience anything like an RM intensive without being there. It’s backflips, it’s cleans and snatches, it’s swimming in an ocean before the sun comes up. It’s all these things but the group of men you get to share the time with ultimately shapes the experience. We go deep, we go hard into life’s tougher questions that no one cares to answer. This gives me purpose. How are we meant to be living?

What does all this mean for you?


It’s an invitation. Be Better. Your results will be multiplied by the environment you’re in. Just like a seed which needs water, nutrients and then light, your ability to grow depends on what you’re surrounded by.


Will you be at the next NOOSA and beyond?

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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