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2 Ways To Become An Authority in Fitness

2 Ways To Become An Authority in Fitness

How to become an authority on any subject in 30 seconds. You’ve all seen the online ads. So much of this is aimed at personal trainers that it’s very difficult for coaches to not be drawn in.

Next coaches see the market shifting towards performance:  mobility (yoga’s movement side), gymnastics, powerlifting, weightlifting all growing alongside bodybuilding (body composition) as goals people are coming to their coaches with.

This Creates A Clash.

People are trying to become “Authorities” in activities that take YEARS if not DECADES to master. In 2014 I started to use the term Performance Coach and some the RealMOVEMENT facilities called themselves Performance or Holistic Performance Centres. Fast forward to 2017 with the boom of community-based fitness and you have all sorts of people branding around athletic training and performance.

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Can these coaches do or coach anything related to athletic development?

Some – YES.


They are more comfortable getting mums doing sets of 50 “push-ups” at their “biggest looser” style park bootcamps.

There is a BETTER Way.

RealMOVEMENT is leading the conversation around wellness and performance to Everyday Joe’s in Australia. With over 60 facilities opened by members of our program, we’re making more impact than any other system supporting independent gym owners.

What Gives Us The Right To Use The Term Performance Coach?

Many of our members have achieved Level 2 & 3 Targets within the RealMOVEMENT System. Not only that they have the base of Level X and 1 competencies across a spectrum of capacities. Mobility, skill, force, endurance.

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This physical struggle and the journey to physical competency is the first authentic step to becoming an authority.

It’s not easy but it’s worth it! You’re worth it! YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND MEMBERS ARE WORTH IT!

As a coach you can make shift happen that impacts people this year and for decades, even generations to come.Keegan Smith keto recovery and performance


In case you haven’t noticed humanity is slipping. Way over 50% of us are fat. Fat people get sick, sad and sloppy. Of those who aren’t fat, most still have massive nutrient deficiencies, very little LIFE EXTENDING STRENGTH & MUSCLE MASS. Movement capacity is so far below much of societies potential that it’s not in sight.


It’s time to step up and take the role of  Human Potentiation seriously.

The limited education of a personal trainer in some of the fundamentals of movement isn’t enough. We need people to be thinking and acting on another level.

To paraphrase Einstein “we’re not going to get out of this shit the same way we got into it.”

Become a student of the body. Study hormones, neurotransmitters, anthropology, vet science, medical history, food history and MOVEMENT!

What we do with RealMOVEMENT is Lead With Movement. Try it all, experience being an absolute petrified beginner again, learning back somersaults, handstands, partner juggling, languages & snatches. Those who walk this path have emerged with another level of not just capacity but consciousness.

We’ve helped open over 60 facilities. ZERO of > 60 facilities have closed because of a lack of business, a few people have moved cities but that’s it. Everyone who opened and wants to be in the game is still in the game. The method is working, the philosophy is Real and it’s what hundreds of thousands of people around the world are looking for.

AUTHORITY? It’s about you. It’s about how much you’re developing yourself and how certain you are that you can serve every athlete, old person or child who comes through the door.

Knowing that if you don’t get through to your friend / member / athlete then the chances of them ever getting an integrated approach to Movement, Mindset and Wellness in a powerful Community, are slim to none.

Alternatively increase your ad spend online, hire another sales coach and pray that you can keep signing up suckers to buy a half-cooked service. Soon you might be working at the local bakery or shovelling shit the shit you’ve been serving.

2 Paths:

1. Do the work every day for a long-time connected to winners

2. Deceive people through clever marketing.

We help the best of those who’ve chosen path number 1. Click <<RealMOVEMENT Mentorship program>> to apply to learn our system.

We’ve seen over 60 amazing facilities open and have more than 35 graduates working in Professional Sports.

Learn More or Apply Now by clicking here.

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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