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How breakthrough movement can change your life

Why is movement and health at the centre of my vision for a future based around a flourishing human race??

A #BreakthroughMovement is the feeling that reaffirms who you are and what you are capable of doing. I’ve seen these BreakthroughMovements carry over to other areas of life for many people. Athletes generally know they’re physically capable in their area of specialisation. Teaching them that they can be good and learn any physical challenge if they set their focus on is another level of knowledge.

This becomes a breakthrough movement that opens up higher levels of self-belief, movement and even consciousness!

Personal training and even coaching elite teams can be little more than baby sitting if you go through the motions and do what you’ve always done. If you don’t engage with new experiences you’re not optimising the athletes potential regardless of how good your program is. Now new experiences could be lifting more weight than you’ve lifted before. That’s an experience I love to give all the athletes I work with regularly. If your training culture rewards big lifts then big lifts CAN be BreakthroughMovements.

But what else is on offer if our goal is to cause a mental shift in our clients?What can we do to help people to re-engage with their true nature?

In one village in the mountains of Chiapas (Southern Mexico) men would take a spiritual journey from the early hours of the morning over 5 mountain summits through unworn paths that only those who made the pilgrimage yearly knew of. This was a measure for re-affirming life, connection with nature and the physical existence.

So what is a #breakthroughmovement?

A BreakthroughMovement is movement that breaks a mental barrier and opens up new possibilities. For many overweight people it might be walking freely up stairs without needing to use a rail, find escalators or a lift or to stop for a rest.

What a feeling it would be for someone who has had these challenges with stairs to be able to smoothly conquer that challenge!

What have been your biggest breakthroughmovements?

When you have one – share it and help inspire others to #RedefinePERFORMANCE #RedesignLIFE

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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