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Fitter food – Kerris and Matt Whitmore #21

Fitter Food are leading the way for a whole community of people looking to get the most out of life.

In this webinar we deliver a tonne of real world info to help you improve your health, performance and your business!

Here were the big 5:

  1. The essentials truths for lean living
  2. How to eat for high volume training
  3. Next level nutrition for those who’ve nailed whole foods
  4. Making fitter happen – How to impact the world with your message
  5. Work in the city and see the world basically we can roll with anything around these topics, more of a discussion than podcast.

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About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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