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Head Coach

Looking for: Head Coach 

Location: Noosa QLD


> An experienced coach with a unquestionable passion for helping others.
> Who has a genuine enthusiasm to contribute to a community of like minded individuals.
> Who is passionate about creating social change through education and leading by example.
>> If you live and breath health and fitness send application to:

Personal Trainer and/ Group Exercise Coach

Looking for: Personal Trainer and/ Group Exercise Coach 

Location: Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia 


We are expanding and looking for our next genuine, caring and passionate trainer with a strong desire for health and wellness not just fitness. We have two roles to fill

Personal Trainer for 1 on 1 Coaching and Small Group Training

Head Coach for our 6 on 1 Semi Private Coaching

If you are motivated, have a thirst for knowledge but above all care about people and their health, not just on the surface but genuinely want to see people living optimally than Real Fitness Training wants you.

We hire attitude over ability and we are seeking a vibrant, motivating team player with a thirst to learn and a passion to be better. We are seeking someone who is aligned to the values of our team and uphold our high standards for personal training and group classes.

  1. We are the Hill’s District Only Personal Training and Yoga facility.
  2. We aren’t a contractor, rent based model. Instead, we’ll pay you an allocated amount for each PT session you conduct. We also incentivize hard work with a rewards program and commission scheme. Above all we support and guide you on your journey.
  3. We invest in your training and skill development. Every week we complete education sessions in house and we also get presenters in to assist upskilling and professional development.
  4. We want you to focus your energy on sensational service and client results so we assist in the building of your personal training hours.

Our Studio is a great team environment where you can learn from each other rather than compete, this way you can become the best you can be.

We take trainers to where they have never been before, providing them with tools they will keep forever in an environment full of growth and potential.

We like to work hard and play hard.

We invest into our trainers by providing ongoing learning

We workout as a team and we go out and learn a new skill once a month.

We develop our people through weekly educational sessions on all things health

We have a big focus on development and upskilling

We celebrate as a team going out for social events and holidays.

We celebrate each other’s success, no ego’s.

We maintain an open mind and positive attitude

We live with integrity, maintaining healthy lifestyles aligned with the RFT philosophy


The fitness industry is tough and most trainers in big gyms last only 6 months with poor client retention and inconsistent income. We have systems and protocols in place for your success and longevity.

We recruit trainers who are hungry to learn, ambitious in life and looking for a long-term career as a personal trainer or driven to develop into a PT mentor, studio/gym manager or owner.

Call 0433738914 or email

Exchange Opportunities

The following jobs will greatly contribute to RealMOVEMENT Project. We would love to have the chance to connect with you in showing the world alternative methods of living.

Tree Lopping (2 days for essentials, 10 days for the whole lot)

We have more camphor laurel trees than we need on site. These trees are considered a pest because of how fast they grow and crowd out the diversity of native species designed to co-exist on the Australian land mass.

The timber can be used to build cabins, tree-houses, toys, chopping boards, furniture or fire wood.


Driveway repair + New Road (to the gym and down to the creek)

We would like to make a flat area of gravel useable as a sprint/strongman track. The length is around 40m long and 3m wide.

We also have some repairs to make on the existing 200m of asphalt.

The majority of the RealFARM site is unused and inaccessible to cars/machinery. We would like to build road access to the creek and beyond to facilitate adding cabins, food production and building an obstacle course on the unused part of the site.


Calisthenics pull-up and dip bars (1 day)

We’d love your help to install dip (parallel bars) and chin bars next to the trampoline right next to the vegetable garden. This spot is in the perfect place to take in Mt Warning summit and the surrounding mountain ranges.


Excavator land remodelling (1-2 days work)

Do you own, drive or have access to massive machines that reshape landscapes? We’re ready to build terraces to plant out macadamias, avocados and other food trees together with ultimate outdoor training challenge.


Obstacle Course Building (Unlimited potential)

Help us build the best place in the world to change minds and bodies!

Are you a carpenter with a creative flair who loves to lift. This might be the best week, month, years work you ever do!


Forrest Hermit Retreat (1 week?)

Have you dreamt of heading into the woods, building a house and never looking back? This could be your chance to practice before the real deal. We’ve got plenty of space and trees to build something special in the quiet, secluded spaces on the other side of our 2 hectares.


Permaculture site plan (1-2 days / weeks)

This is the ultimate integration process. Design the landscape and functionality of one of Australia’s most ambitious transformational projects.

Food production, self-development, native regeneration, integrated living, physical culture, weight training, children and family living, animal care and more.

How can water, sun and soil be utilised and cared for in the most self-sustaining way while facilitating this impactful human movement.


Vegetable garden + fruit and nut trees (1 month)

Do you have a green thumb and love to see herbs, vegetables and native medicinal plants put to use for human healing? Let’s build the ultimate integrated garden.
Sustainable hot water and electricity

We’re ready to go solar! We get LOTS of sun and we’d love to get off the grid. Help us install the best solution for RealFARM.


Composting Toilet

Human waste is a fact of life. How we deal with it is our choice. We’ve used these clean and environmentally friendly methods around the world. We’d love one here for our family and visitors to use.


We love ball games so we’re going to put in a Venice Beach style tennis and basketball court next to the weight training gym.


Native Tree Tagging

Edibles and natives and those synergistic with edibles are the focus of the plant life on RealFARM. We have a lot of natives among the “camphas” and we don’t want to lose them as we rebuild the site.

Lantana and other pest plant removal (1 month)

Lots to do. Pure grunt work for man or machine.

General building and carpentry – house repairs (7-90 days)

Our house is 100 years young and needs some TLC. If you’re handy with the tools and would love to make this place even more special there is plenty to do.


Tree House

Yes, we would love a tree-house!


Social media manager

Do you love getting the word out about stuff that matters? We’re working hard to get stuff that matters out to the world and we’d love your help.


Film maker

Do you love getting the word out about stuff that matters? We’re working hard to get stuff that matters out to the world and we’d love your help.

Our live events are epic battles of mind and body against iron, nature and limiting beliefs. Check one out and help us share what we do with the world.


Book editor/publisher

We love to write and we have plenty to share. Help us do it! Write and get a message out to the world that will contribute to the massive shift in awareness the human race needs so much.


Online RealMOVEMENT Coach

Would you love to be helping hundreds if not thousands of people around the world to experience a better version of themselves? Guide users through their own RealMOVEMENT journey and the RealMOVEMENT content.

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