The New and improved RealYou Level 1 Performance Coaching 

Dear Coach,

There’s something that scares me...

It’s not an impossibly heavy lift, the possibility of an injury or even a fear of the unknown...

It’s that right now the World is in the worst physical condition it has ever been in.

Amazing leaps and bounds are made everyday in the minds of people all around the globe BUT the physical condition of our population is deteriorating at a fearful pace.

And I believe it is up to us to to fix this. 

It’s up to us to make the difference.

If not us, who? And If not now, when?

We as a movement stand up, show a different way and lead from the front.

Here at RealMOVEMENT we believe that everyone is a miracle and everyone has something unique to share to enhance the lives of others.

And that’s what the New RealYou Level 1 Performance Coaching is really all about - Waking up each day and being better than the last and implementing proven processes for change. Systems that have not just had a profound effect on myself but countless everyday people right through to International sporting Superstars.

Whether you’re a Coach wanting to work with professional athletes and sporting teams, a PT that’s ready to open their very own facility and broaden their knowledge or simply looking to find your path in the world of performance this is for you. With the New RealYou Level 1 Performance Coaching qualification, you will now have the opportunity to apply for a RealYou licence to own your own RealYou Hub with turn key operations and systems or manage a RealYou Investor operated Hub with potential part ownership. We have Hubs looking for coaches and Investors looking for managers right now. 

Our internship placement means you will learn from a community of people who have achieved all the above things themselves - the RealYou Level 1 Performance Coaching is the hand that can support and guide you along the path to achieving your success, whatever it may be.

BUT we’re not looking for everybody.

The community is only as good as the people that are inside - so we are looking for:
  • Coaches and PT’s who are bored of current training methods for themselves and their clients and are ready to implement next level methods
  • Coaches and PT’s that want to work with professional athletes, sporting teams and Institutes of Sport
  • Coaches and PT’s who want to develop a higher level of income and be well known in the industry
  • Coaches and PT’s who want to perform like athletes
  • Coaches and PT’s who want to systemise their success in training with a focus on physical and mental development.
  • Coaches and PT's who want to Own or Manage a RealYou Hub
That means this group is NOT for:
  • Coaches that want to stay mediocre and get by
  • Coaches who don’t want to take on new challenges and new capacities — the ones who are happy staying where they are
  • People who want to just LEARN but not DO
I have to tell you, this is a unique opportunity, we are opening the doors to 15 applicants only for January and February 2018. This is the coarse that sold for $10 000 last year and is now available for limited applicants for only $2500 upfront or 6 x $500 monthly payments

This is not just an online course - This is a powerful global community of likeminded individuals who are working together towards a global objective for health and performance.

In the last 18 months:
  • 70+ Members have opened their own facilities (some were not even in the fitness industry before joining - see testimonials below)
  • Numerous Members are now working with Professional Athletes, Sports Teams and Institutes of Sport.
  • 13 RealYou Hubs have opened Globally 
It also won’t be easy...


You will be pushed to your limits - physically and mentally and be expected to share your learning and results.

This is the most powerful community you can be part of in performance.

This is my mission. This is OUR mission.

Are you one of the crazy ones who dreams big enough to change the world with us…?

If you’re interested in joining us on our Global Mission and becoming the very best version of yourself fill out your details below.

You’ll then be taken to the next step where we’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and your business. If you’re a good match and we can help you along your journey then we’ll arrange a call to explore further… If you’re not a good match I’ll let you know politely.

We won’t pressure you or hassle you - we’re only looking for the select few that are ready to step up.

If you’re ready to step up - The next step is below:

In Strength,

Keegan Smith
Founder RealMOVEMENT Project

If you're 100% sure of your mission, take action today. Imagine being a Performance Coach owning or Managing a Global RealYou Hub, earning top dollar and making a difference to peoples lives everyday.

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Keegan Smith

Founder RealMOVEMENT Project & Coach Keegan

Keegan Smith is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters in the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) along with 5 other professional teams. He spent 6 years sleeping on floors living in third world communities looking for solutions of how to make a difference. He spent thousands of hours training elite performers in the gym and researching how to make them better.

Keegan overcame chronic fatigue and implemented a 4 year transformation to go from depressed, poor, unfit and uncertain to an inspired life. In the gym Keegan has developed back somersaults, 4-ball juggling, new languages, front levers and a 100kg snatch. Through doing the seemingly impossible he's become a husband, father and entrepreneur and is now re-shaping the way the wold looks at itself.
RealMOVEMENT Coaches & Athletes Have Worked and Competed in/with...

Nick Kyrgios - Australian Professional Tennis Player

Ben Garard - CrossFit Games Athlete

Melbourne Storm under 18’s

Brisbane Lions

Cronulla Sharks

Alastair Day - Iron Man Champion

Penrith Panthers under 20’s

Many More...

What People Are Saying...
I went to my first RMP internship one month after joining the community. That 4 days changed my life completely. I had a flame burning inside of me with little direction to where it was heading. 

The clarity gained from spending those 4 days with the quality of coaches within the group set a snowball effect that had me go from an entry level p.t to packing out a facility and having interns working under me within 6 months. 

Over the last 18 months I've been with RMP, I've turned my life on its head, travelled the world, met new best friends and made relationships to last a life time. I can't put into words the effect Keegan and his legacy had on my life - the best part is this is only just the beginning. 

You've got a dream? Then there's only one place you need to invest and that's with the RMP mentorship.

Mitch Pike

Founder and Head Coach Metamorph Holistic Performance 

"Keegan's got me through this season and I’ve never felt stronger. I normally don’t do weights, but the program he has set for me has been great. Keegan is great."

Sonny Bill Williams

Sydney Roosters
Nick Davidson
Will Stodulka
You Toucan Coaching
Sam Beechey
Director at CrossFit Mandurah
1. Since joining the Mentorship I have attended multiple workshops and opened a facility in April 2015, which I incorporate many RM training and life principles into. I had previously owned a facility which I had sold when I first had kids and wanted to open another one again but was looking for direction in a different set-up, training and business structure than I previously had. The RealMOVEMENT Mentorship helped create the vision again.

2. I had always stretched but mobility is a game-changer. I have also returned to training in a way I enjoy in terms of lifting heavier weights, learning gymnastics skills and implementing Olympic lifting into both my clients routines and own training. This time last year I didn't have the mobility to complete an OH or front I do.

3. Mindset is now on continual growth and development, more so than it was previously.

4. Support network - living in rural Australia, this was a big element that was missing for me. RM has given this back. Both in meeting coaches at internships/workshops and through regular interaction on the Facebook groups, I don't feel disadvantaged by my location anymore and have access to the best coaches in Aus...and now expansion internationally.
Kim Bobbin
You Toucan Coaching
"Real Movement Project changed my life for all the right reasons. It has given me a better outlook on life. It has forced me to go well outside my comfort zone all whilst having a significant influence on how I train my current athletes. I am very fortunate to be a part of Real Movement Project."
Luke Edgell
Founder at EdgePerformance
"I Feel like I am growing and becoming part of a community that is bigger than just being a coach a business or a box."
Stewart Lindsay
Owner/Head Coach - CrossFit Lucidity
"RM has given me purpose again. Before RM I had time in professional sport but once removed from that scene everything seemed inconsequential. 
I have since opened a facility with a good friend and had a positive impact on members wellbeing."
Brandon Costin
Co-Owner - Coffs Coast Crossfit
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