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No time to train? No Problem!

No Time To Train? No Problem

If you’re a personal trainer you’ve heard it a thousand times, in fact if you’re like most trainers I speak to you’ve probably said it a thousand times. Deadly words nobody should ever speak; “I’m too busy to train.”

These words are like nails down a chalk board times 1000. Too busy to watch TV 100%, too busy to eat – sure, too busy to have a phone – great, but too busy to move is on par with saying I’m too busy to breathe, think or even live.

Anthropological experts say we used to walk over 10km / day just to live. When was the last time you walked 10km.

This session is inspired by Dinosaur Training By Brooks Kubik. If you’ve not read it here’s your cue, you can get it on kindle too.

Dinosaur Training

Dinosaur Training by Brooks D. Kubik

Anyway since this is for the time poor here is the session.

  1. Squat 30 sec
  2. Hang 30 sec
  3. Split lunge 15sec / side
  4. 20 push-ups or about 1/3 of your best effort
  5. 20 air squats
  6. Load the bar to 70-80% of your best standing press, as you load it do 3-5 reps every time the weight is even. Complete 30 reps in the least amount of time possible. No rest period just stay 1-2 reps short of failure every time you pick up the bar
  7. Squat that weight and add weight each set up to 70-80% of your back squat weight. Complete 30 reps in the least amount of time possible. No rest period just stay 1-2 reps short of failure every time you pick up the bar
  8. Chin-ups – 30 Reps


Done. Done. Done.

Next time you can substitute in Bench press or handstand push-ups for standing press. Deadlifts for Squats, use 60% load for them. Chin-ups can be pull-ups, strict-muscle-ups, chess to bar pull-ups or ring rows for triple reps.

No gym? Get a doorway chin-up bar and use pistol squats until you can get squat stands installed where the TV used to be.

If this takes you longer than 30 minutes you’re not being serious. Twice a week this will change your life. 3 times per week and you can join the top 1%. Of course once you try the drug of “betterthanyesterday” you’re going to go back for more. This is your gateway drug to elite power, mobility, skill and a mindset!

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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