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This Free eBook reveals the 6 lessons that helped me get to the top in Strength and Conditioning.

The Success Blueprint will...
  • Reveal the step-by-step process to become a high performance coach
  • The 1 simple tool you can implement TODAY to ignite a fire that burns inside you for achievement 
  • Show you the key mindset of High Performance Coaches
  • The exact process I used to coach a premiership winning NRL Team
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"Learn What You Weren't Taught About Performance"

The Complete Guide to Becoming a Performance Coach.

In the following pages you will learn what it takes to become a High Performance Coach.

Best of all you are learning for someone who has done it. Both in their own life and inside Sydney Roosters Premiership winning NRL team.

This Free eBook will Reveal...
  •    How to train methodically and exceptionally
  •    How to choose success and discover the path to your worthy ideal.
  •    How to become the message you teach
  •    Discover how to build a supportive and successful team
About the Author...

Keegan Smith - Author of Performance Blueprint

Founder RealMOVEMENT Project & Coach Keegan

Keegan Smith is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters in the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) along with 5 other professional teams. He spent 6 years sleeping on floors living in third world communities looking for solutions of how to make a difference. He spent thousands of hours training elite performers in the gym and researching how to make them better.

Keegan overcame chronic fatigue and implemented a 4 year transformation to go from depressed, poor, unfit and uncertain to an inspired life. In the gym Keegan has developed back somersaults, 4-ball juggling, new languages, front levers and a 100kg snatch. Through doing the seemingly impossible he's become a husband, father and entrepreneur and is now re-shaping the way the wold looks at itself.
What Other Have Said About RealMOVEMENT and Coach Keegan

Sonny Bill Williams

Sydney Roosters

"He’s got me through this season and I’ve never felt stronger. I normally don’t do weights, but the program he has set for me has been great. Keegan is great."

Rémi Casty

2012 Super League Front Rower of The Year

"Thank you Keegan for opening my eyes to a new level of health and performance."

Phil Richards

Strength, Conditioning & Nutrition Expert

"Keegan Smith will become a pioneer in the field of strength, conditioning and nutrition that I have no doubt about. All great coaches push boundaries to find the truth and Keegan does this with great enthusiasm and intelligence."

Pat Lane

NRL Strength and Conditioning Coach - Sydney Roosters

"I will always have Keegan to thank for giving me the opportunity to work in the NRL. However it is the knowledge and experience I continue to gain from him that has allowed me to grow and progress my career. Keegan's own journey of constant improvement is what drives my own as well as the wider strength training community."

Mitch Pike

Director/Head Coach at Metamorph Holistic Performance

I went to my first RMP internship one month after joining the community. That 4 days changed my life completely. I had a flame burning inside of me with little direction to where it was heading. 

The clarity gained from spending those 4 days with the quality of coaches within the group set a snowball effect that had me go from an entry level p.t to packing out a facility and having interns working under me within 6 months. 

Over the last 18 months I've been with RMP, I've turned my life on its head, travelled the world, met new best friends and made relationships to last a life time. I can't put into words the effect Keegan and his legacy had on my life - the best part is this is only just the beginning. 

You've got a dream? Then there's only one place you need to invest and that's with the RMP mentorship.
This is Just Some of the Organisations and Teams the RealMOVEMENT Community has Worked With:
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