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Joseph Coyne: Applied Performance Science – ONLINE


Have you made the decision not just to work with the world’s best athletes but helping them to dominate?

This course is delivered by Joseph Coyne one of Keegan Smith’s mentors and one of the world’s most broadly knowledgable performance scientist’s.

Product Description

During the 10 week course we will have 45 minute lectures on the following topics with opportunities for questions before and after the lectures for those enrolled in the course.

This is not just about information. This is about transformation. Become the coach you need to be to dominate the NRL or International field. The potential for improvement in elite athletes is very REAL for those willing to apply proven methods.

Our aim with creating this course is not solely to improve performance coaching standards around the world but also to create a network of coaches ready to work in professional sports teams and with national and international level athletes. RealMOVEMENT has helped dozens of coaches into work with NRL, Super League, State Institutes and working with elite junior athletes. This lecture series is to continue helping these and other coaches to the next level.

There is no doubt that some of the coaches who complete this program will make the seemingly impossible jump to full-time with winning professional athletes.

Here is what will be covered:

1. & 2. Profiling your athletes performance: Power, Strength, Anthropometry -> body measures, fat, muscle etc.
3. Building Endurance
4. Building Power
5. Building Strength
6. Building Speed
7. System for daily prep – Session structure & regulation (SMF, mobility, activation, plyometric drills etc etc 20-30min or whatever routine of prehab stuff)
8. Periodisation for individual sports
9. Periodisation for team sports
10. Monitoring load / fatigue / Recovery

X. BONUS – life experiences and real world result in elite performance (successful drinking with the Chinese etc.).

The investment to be a part of the course LIVE is just $90 for RMM coaches or $290 for non RMM coaches.


Will lectures be recorded?

Yes, you will have access to the lectures within 48 hours of the live calls.

Will I be able to speak to Joseph LIVE?

Yes the software allow you to see and communicate with Joseph LIVE.

Will there be job opportunities related to this course?

We are always looking for quality coaches who can take a powerful message into professional sports.

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