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13 Week – R20 Power Up (20 Places only)


What If You Knew What You Wanted?

What If You Moved Towards It Every Day?

What If You Were Connected To Others Doing The Same?

What If You Trained Smarter And More Consistently?

What If You Learned Every Day?

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Do more. Be more.

The gap between what humanity knows and what it does has never been bigger.

The fun of life is in increasing both.

Who we invest your time with and what we invest our thoughts in will ultimately determine our rewards and challenges in life.


This program is about you.

Find your purpose. Set targets and go after them daily.

Get your food plan simplified and sorted.

Finally, nail a training planning.

Get your goals down and move towards them with accountability & daily AMGD (absolutely must get done).

This is about going from SLAVE to SAVAGE.

A SAVAGE cannot be tamed and made to believe lies.

A SAVAGE has vibrant physical and mental health.

A SAVAGE has the personal power to stand for convictions and go against the grain when needed.


Track everyday.

Have 20 other people care about what you do each day and be brought up by your success.

Struggle together. Win together.

Delivery of this program is via:

  • A closed group
  • Recorded LIVE videos
  • Personal accountability log
  • Audiobooks
  • Training templates
  • Nutrition templates

You will record and report on your key 6 activities everyday.

Prizes and rewards to winners and the chance to become a paid R20 mentor in the future.

$1000 to the best 13 week progressions.

Weekly & monthy Ketones, books, technology & amazon vouchers.


We’ve won with gym owners. Now we want to win with you.

Over 70 new gyms have opened over the last 4 years under the influence of RealMOVEMENT mindset, systems & social support. This program is about opening up that ability to create life-changing projects to the world.

Tim Frey – Helix Performance

Ben Thompson – Movement Enhanced

Simon & Bri – Clean Shred

Ezra Taylor – Brisbane Strength & Movement

Luke Harvison – Farm Gym

Mitch Pike – Metamorph

P360, Body by brando, WTF, Toucan, Exalto, Noosa Strength, Inspired Movement, Romero Athletics, Prodigy Fitness, Pegasus…..


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