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Real Movement Samoa #2 | 9th-12th Nov | We Are Going Back


Product Description

The first trip to Samoa was epic. I’ve written about it on the blog but better than that will be you actually experiencing it for yourself.

We’re going to take a group of 10 members from RealMOVEMENT facilities together with some RealMOVEMENT Coaches to experience life on Samoa. We will train hard. We will swim, climb, walk through the beauty of the island as well as eat the traditional foods and more. But this trip is also a significant step in a bigger mission to share with the world what we have at RealMOVEMENT.

Most of the world doesn’t get to experience health and performance like we do. They don’t even know what they don’t know. What they do see and know is too many kids with cancer, too many limb amputations with diabetes.

RealMOVEMENT Samoa is about taking action to change this. We’re working with government and community groups to apply RealMOVEMENT methods on the ground in a place that wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to them.

When you join this trip you’re contributing to building training facilities, educating local coaches and ultimately changing the fate of an island. It’s an ambitious target but we’re not aiming for anything less.

Your investment in this trip will support this mission. It’s a 4-day training experience with an optional extra 3-days to soak up the best the island has to offer.

See You Soon ->> In Samoa

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