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RealMOVEMENT Online Coach Education Portal


Learn the best of 20 years of applied research to open up your future.


What are you missing as a coach?

What’s holding you back?

RealMOVEMENT has the highest success rate of any coach development program in getting coaches into professional teams or their own facilities. There is nothing or nobody getting the results we’re getting.

We’re proud of our record, and we will continue to improve our coach development programs.

The is our newly released online program which makes accessing our unique program within reach for coaches wanting to be truly qualified and capable in transforming bodies and minds.

Read the document below, and enter your details if this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve already spoken to a member of the team, then the time is now to act.

What You Get:

1. A structured 12-week education across performance, wellness, abundance and community (50+ hours of content).

2. Access to the online training support and holistic development in the RealYou Platform.

3. 1 week interning with a RealMOVEMENT coach.

4. Access to the coaches only Facebook education and accountability forum.

5. Opportunity to purchase coach only education and training events / camps.

6. 50+ Hours Of Bonus Lectures, Interviews and Tutorials.

Who You Will Become:

1. A stronger athlete

2. A skilled coach with something to offer that 99% of coaches have never considered.

3. Connected when you’re around the right people, another world of opportunity opens.

4. Aware – as you become more self-aware through our personal exploration process you become better equipped to understand others and become a better coach in the process.

5. Confident – know that you know. Know that you can express what you know to clients and among peers and industry leaders.

6. Employable – teams and facility owners know that cert 4 or ASCA 1-2 is no guarantee that you’re going to be ready to coach. This program has the highest standards and support to get you to the top faster. Many of our coaches have been employed in world class teams and facilities. In 3 months or even less you’re potentially going to be working in a RealYou Hub or working with your ideal clients.

Curriculum all covered in depth and more:

Movement – reps, sets, exercise selection, training volume, programming, gymnastic strength, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, mobility, skill development (including juggling, handstands, foot skills, languages, music) and more.

Wellness – detoxification, breathing techniques for performance and wellness, extreme diets, long-term diets, ideal body composition.

Mind – Goals, productivity and progress, public speaking and social media, behaviour change and beliefs

Community – Choosing and developing yours, above and below.

Who’s this not for:

  1. People who don’t want to train
  2. People who won’t take on new skills and experiences
  3. People who don’t have a bigger picture vision for being part of creating a better world.

Your Exchange

1. $250 (Or a weekly payment plan of $50 x 6)

2. Full heart, mind and body. Fully investing in this program will change your life.

Take action

You’re worth it.

You can do this.

There will be highly connected, elite coaches at the other side of this program. The only question is will you be one of them.


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