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What If You Had The Chance To Speak To An Island In Crisis?

Prior to founding RealMOVEMENT I had 7 years of experience in the NRL including 2 years working with Samoan world leading athlete, Sonny Bill Williams during our all-time record and premiership winning season with the Sydney Roosters.

See what Sonny Bill Williams had to say after his recent 2 week camp with Keegan HERE

In between working in the NRL I travelled the world in search of a higher purpose. Something that goes beyond winning and losing on weekends.


I lived in an orphanage in Guatemala for a few months and spoke to people living on the streets in Latin America. I spoke to all sorts of alternative thinkers and people who don’t accept the status quo (ESCAPE SOCIETY TRAP – Is RealMOVEMENT’s Most Viewed Post Thanks To A Retweet By Joe Rogan. One day Keegan plans to be a guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast).

“There is something more. There is a better way.”

Whenever I stop chasing it with authenticity life loses meaning. I lose the will to live.

Now more than ever as a father of 2 and a family man I want children, adults and old people to be their best because we are all part of the same humanity and ultimately it is humanity that will shape the lives of my children and eventually their children.

Samoa is an opportunity to connect with the youth of a country who’ve been disfigured  from a proud warrior nation to the fattest country in the world. Athletes are the most powerful youth role-models with Samoan heritage and if we can speak to the champions of tomorrow maybe we can help them to connect more deeply to their possibilities as athletes and as influencers in society.

Keegan and Sonny Bill Williams

Real, open talk with the athletes, as people has changed lives.

I love what we do as RealMOVEMENT Coaches. It’s helped guys like Sonny Bill Williams and the roosters. Michael Jennings was here a couple of weeks ago and having the chance to go deep with Quade Cooper earlier this year was great.



  1. We’re going to Samoa to test the athletic potential of the champions of tomorrow and also to show them the RealMOVEMENT method for athletic success and success in life.
  2. We’re also planning to meet the minister for sport and the prime-minister and we might go to the Reds Vs Blues game where our New Year Camp Athletes (Quade and Sonny) teams face off.
  3. What I’m also very excited about is getting out to the villages and speaking to some of the older generation about the traditional ways and rhythms.
  4. We’re also building connections with local organisations and the churches to install outdoor training facilities around the country to increase the opportunity for physical expression of the god-given talents of the Samoan people.
  5. Preparing to create a RealMOVEMENT facility in Samoa later this year.

Ezra Taylor and Anthony Iosefo have been the driving force for this trip and will be guiding me through their mother country.

RealMOVEMENT has helped over 50 coaches open new training facilities in the last 3 years and over 30 to work with elite athletes and professional teams. That represents more than 50% of those who’ve participated in our 12 month mentorship program.

I share this to affirm that RealMOVEMENT works.

We support transformations with athletes and coaches towards better movement and a better world!

The framework for BETTER as we define it, is ascension in the areas of Wellness, Abundance, Movement and Community. When we improve in each of these areas life gets better. As we improve ourselves we improve the lives of those around us and what we have to share.

The consistent scandals of elite athletes, violence, drugs, gambling etc. are no mistake. They are the result of a system of athletic development with no heart. No underpinning philosophy.

RealMOVEMENT was created to fill that void.

The direct goal for Samoa is to inspire the next generation of athletes to more.
The bigger picture goal is to re-ignite a proud nation with Real solutions to the problems of our day.

Mass obesity, cancer, diabetes and all the loss of potential that goes with it is not acceptable.

“Change the things you cannot accept.”

June 3, Samoa, then the world.


Why Support This Project??

Your support will pay for the travels of Ezra and Anthony who are taking time away from work and family to make a difference where it means most to them.

Funds will pay for flights, training equipment and food for the day. The more funding we get the more training locations we will install around Samoa with the goal of building a RealMOVEMENT facility in Samoa in 2017. This will be an ongoing project to make an impact in a world that needs to heal and grow.


RealMOVEMENT has invested $1500 and will continue to financially support this initiative.

Thanks a lot to the donators who’ve contributed over $3000 already!

If you would like to support in a method other than $ or have links to other places where we can make an impact please email

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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