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RealMOVEMENT 28 Day Fast

RealMOVEMENT is a global experiment in human potentiation. We have extreme capacity. The fun of life is in exploring that potential.

Image result for fastingTo be free we must have health and discipline. This challenge is one of the most challenging ones I’ve offered you.

The 21st century default method for living results in poor health and drug dependence. RealMOVEMENT is about solving this challenge creating HAPe (happy) people.


These 3 pillars are what we have helped hundreds of performance coaches from around the world achieve. Their facilities and work with professional athletes has helped thousands of people see more of their true nature. Their god given potential.

We’ve recently opened this up to the world

Fasting has been used since ancient times and extensively through the animal kingdom instinctively for health and spiritual development. I invite you to learn more about fasting here.

Why Fast? A movement towards freedom.

How To Fast

What Are Ketones Good For?

Understanding Insulin

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My 28 Days.

Wk 1 -> 1 meal /day

I felt a strong detoxification process building, my tongue / breath, urine, skin were all giving me signs that a change was happening. I was able to train well, loose fat and feel generally very good during this phase. All meals were ketogenic – high fat / moderate protein / low carb during this phaseImage result for fasting old time strength

Wk 2 -> No food

The hardest thing I’ve ever done. People talk about feeling great on water fasts. I did get over the hunger but my energy level was very low and sinking. I was unable to train and even going for a walk was impossible on day 7. My lightest weigh in during this week was 78kg where my average pre-fasting weight was around 83.5kg.

I tested urine pH along with some blood glucose. I offloaded a lot of acid during the fast and blood glucose got down to 3.3 which is almost considered critically low. My brain was still functioning very well because of the high ketone levels but my body was very low on energy.

I ended the water fast after a stressful day with some unusual challenges. I had 1 full day of eating.

My resting heart rate dropped to below 50 bpm which is very low for me. On the last day of the fast I wanted to go for a walk to try to get some energy going but only made it half way down the street. Rested and walked slowly back. I have more work to do before I can experience the highly energised fasts that I’ve heard so much about.

I didn’t do juice or coconut oil or coffee or anything similar during the fast. I did use multi-vitamins and some electrolytes.

Related image

Wk 3 -> 1 meal / day

This felt like a blessing for the most part but I did have a constant underlying hunger. Prisoners of war are described to have eaten and gained weight at supra-physiological levels when given access to an abundance of food. The feeling of wanting to eat to exploding point was strong. Despite using more carbohydrates during this phase I was still in deep ketosis, probably because of the extreme caloric deficit of the week before. The feeling that the body hasn’t forgotten about the calories I’ve missed over the past 2 weeks is strong. Week 3 on one meal / day is much harder than week 1 on one meal / day! I have to admit there have been some massive eating sessions between 6pm and bed. 1 LONG meal!

At the end of wk 3 I’m back to 82kg bodyweight and energy is back. I have added muscle and fat back but I am feeling leaner than before I started and overall for health and the experience I’m very glad I did the 7-day water fast.

Image result for fasting jack lalanne


Last week! I feel like I ate a lot last week. There was some rebound from the zero calorie week. I’m happy with the rebound but want to stay in charge.

The plan – 40 hour fast to start the week then 1 meal / day with coconut oil and broth through the day as desired. 28 hours to go!

A Progressive Metabolic Perspective On The Biggest Health Challenge Of Our TIME:

Image result for fasting fung

A Metabolic Perspective On Cancer & Fasting

Are you fasting? 

Should you be?

What rules should you use?

How long should you go?

How can you prepare?

Big Questions, I believe it’s worth you exploring the answers!

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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