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6 Lessons From Real MOVEMENT Brisbane Tribe

What happens when you bring together Brisbane’s top performance coaches every Friday?

by Cody Mcauliffe – 

“Real MOVEMENT Brisbane Fridays” (RMB Fridays) is where some of Brisbane’s top performance coaches and facility owners meet to catch up, network, train and help each other grow. The primary concept of the real movement project is being better than yesterday.


Lesson 1 – Choose Your Tribe – Perform360

The Real Movement Project (RMP) has an amazing dynamic! It brings people together that have a common goal to strive to be better than yesterday and inspire others to do the same.

I am a part of a community of coaches in Brisbane from the RMP that get together almost every Friday to hook-up for a training session. Although I am completely self motivated when it comes to training, having the group around me on Fridays challenges me to push harder and brings out my competitive side (my healthy competitive side). The knowledge shared on these days, the training vibe and the overall experience is what makes them my favourite session of the week.

I drum on about community quite a bit and as humans we NEED the social interactions and social support for mental and physical health. They say you are the combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so surrounding yourself with people that lift you up is crucial. When you spend time with positive people that motivate and inspire you, your whole outlook on life changes. You become less depressed, less anxious and less stressed out by the little things in life, which in turn will lead to overall happiness in your personal life.

Find or create a community that strives to bring out the best in you and wont look back. You will feel a sense of self-purpose and your positive influence will affect all around you to strive to be “Better Than Yesterday.”

Brent Coglan (4th / 250 in the French Powerlifting Ratio)
Perform 360

Lesson 2 – Be Inspired To Inspire – YouToucan Coaching

Training with the Brisbane Real Movement Project community on a Friday afternoon is one of the highlights of my week. Each session is always fun, energising and motivating, and I always leave feeling inspired from the time spent with other passionate, knowledgeable and supportive Coaches.I enjoy and value the experience of mindfulness and focus that comes with training on my own; but training hard with mates is something which I have always loved and thrived on – whether it was playing sport throughout school, long and torturous sessions in the Navy, or now exploring a wide variety of complex movement practices with the RM crew.

Overcoming obstacles in a team environment is a very powerful way to forge close bonds. Since we have started regularly training together, and going through physical stresses side by side, we have forged strong friendships and connections which have led to further professional collaboration, accountability and mentorship.
William Stodulka
You Toucan Coaching.

Training at BRISBANE LIONS Gym with community member Huw Darnell.

Lesson 3 – Take Your Accountability Pill – Witness The Fitness

Imagine a pill that enabled you to access an infinite supply of willpower within you.
Imagine if this pill was free.
Imagine if you had this pill every Friday at 12:30pm and it lasted an entire week!

If you could bottle that sh*t you’d be a millionaire.

Training with people who want to be “Better Than Yesterday” is that pill!

When you spend time with people who want growth, they inspire, reinforce and empower your goals! That’s why every Friday I train with 5-10 members of the Real Movement Project Brisbane crew.

Tristan Forbes
Witness the fitness

Lesson 4 – Build Your Environment To Succeed – Sharp Performance

Training environment is so much more than just what music is being played and what sort of equipment is being used. The biggest aspect of training environment to me is the community around you when you are pushing hard. Training each Friday with fellow coaches from the Real Movement Mentorship has given me something that money can’t buy – reassurance.

Reassurance to me means confidence that I am on the right track, whether it is with my training or with my business. When we come together we train hard, we learn and we also discuss business ideas. Being a one man show at Sharp Performance the feedback and positive vibes of being around other successful business owners has meant I have been able to push ahead with what I want to achieve as a business owner myself.

This training environment has given me the backing that a great business partner, or training partner would. When we come together it’s not uncommon that there are multiple personal best lifts and movements. For me that’s reassurance that the training I am doing myself is leading my own community and me in the right direction.

If you have reassurance/confidence you have a lot.

Luke Sharp
Sharp Performance

Lesson 5  – Energy is infectious – Perform360

Remember that interaction with someone that didn’t feel quite right and left you a little uncomfortable? Or what about when you said “I have a bad feeling about this person?

Then on the flip side…remember that deep connection, flowing conversation, a sense of fulfilment and that moment that just felt right? It left you feeling positive, motivated, empowered and happy right?

Most of this wasn’t WHAT they said but HOW they said it or HOW they made you feel.

I strongly believe that we all have this aura, vibration, energy, force (whatever we want to call it), which we feel but not necessarily see. It’s a frequency that we give off and one that can be very easily read by whoever comes in contact with you.

Putting this theory or thought into a team sport scenario: Have you ever watch a game of rugby league where the fast and allusive winger scores a try and the tired forward (prop) will jog/run to congratulate the scorer? This is not just an act of congratulating and supporting the scorer…its more an act of joining the team festivities and being associated with MORE positive energy and vibrations. When the team joins and huddles in this formation the energy is electric and infectious. Just imagine 13-15 players giving off the same positive vibrations in a confined area or space. It’s indescribable and has a huge impact on how we feel!

This is what pushes, drives and helps other tired players find that so called “second wind”.

This is exactly the same scenario that you’ll feel associating with likeminded and motivated people within your work and social circle. They’ll pick you up, give you that spark and help you perform to a level you never thought possible. So remember, human energy is very transferable and infectious so choose wisely and choose people who give you that positive “gut feeling” and watch your training, business and life soar.

Jason Clark
Perform 360

Lesson 6 – Isolation vs community – Chasing Gains

As an athlete and an entrepreneur you spend countless long, lonely hours honing your skill in your chosen sport and/or business endeavour. This is the price of REAL success. This is the life of isolation. In isolation you just chug along at your own pace thinking you are doing fine because you don’t know any better.

It turns out you are never the only one in your situation. People in your industry are going through or have already gone through the same obstacles that you face today. Having someone else there or who has been there in the past, who overcame your challenge, highlights how much MORE you can do. You can have an even bigger impact on your own community (clients, friends and family) when you’re in community.

Powerlifting Example.

Last week we achieved a French Powerlifting Ratio, a test where you have 60 seconds to perform 1-rep max squat, bench press and deadlift to get a score relative to your body weight.

I went in with some numbers in my head that I wanted to hit and after a good warm up was able to hit those numbers (average 92% on my individual maximums on those lifts).

Now if I was on my own completing this test in isolation this is where it would have ended.

However I had just witnessed other people smash out their goals and push themselves to their limit, more than I felt I did. When you are surrounded by a community of top achievers pushing themselves to the limit it rubs off on. You do more yourself. This meant that I went for another attempt, which meant that I would go for 96% of my max on each individual lift, which was successful.

So by being in the community to do this test I performed 4% more than I know I would have been capable of in isolation. Now if I could improve only 4% each week (we work different skills each week) in 25 weeks I will have add 100% to my various skill sets.

Would you be interesting in doubling your overall skill set in the next 25 weeks?

Cody McAuliffe
Chasing gains and The Coach Cody.

How to be – Better Than Yesterday:

Brent – Your community has the power to decrease anxiety, stress and depression.
William – The community creates bonds with those around you just like in the armed forces.
Tristan – If it was a pill everyone would buy it. So why not take the pill? (or in this case be in the community)
Luke – Reassurance leads to confidence and when you are confident you can achieve real success.
Jason – Energy is infections are you dragging others up? Or down?
Cody – The power of the community is improving 4% every week, which is 100% in 6 months.

Community >>>>>> Results, beyond the limits of isolation.

Special congratulations to Ezra Taylor (Brisbane MOVEMENT & Strength) and Brendan Anderson (Movement Factory) who’ve also opened facilities in Brisbane this year.

Thanks to indefatigable – Cody Mcauliffe –  for putting this post together.

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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