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What Legacy Will You Leave Your Kids?

What Legacy Will You Leave Your Kids?

Where is the collective ambition of the combined human organism taking us?

Where should it be headed?

Do you ask yourself these big questions?

Are you connected with others building solutions and reaching forward towards brighter times?


Inherited health is inherited wealth.


When I was going through high school I knew that the system was broken. Human potential, shunted, mental midgets and dwarfed physical capacity.

What’s worse is that the lost potential started long before high school, even before conception.

If we’re going to live BETTER as a global organism we need to support the development of it’s living cells. Us, and our kids.

Mum’s and Dad’s no longer prepare for conception in the years before their children are born in the way that our ancestors always have.

In animal husbandry, think racehorses and zoos, there is a lot of attention given to choosing strong breeding partners and making sure the process is nurtured from every perspective.

Would you feed your pet dog, monkey or star race-horse what you’ve been eating? Coke, pizza, commercial desserts with hundreds of ingredients plus the pharmaceutical drugs.

“No Way, That Would Be Ridiculous,” is the response I usually get to this question.

But what care is placed to optimise the blessing of life many of us are gifted to foster?

And yet the future of humanity, our children, are being injected, drugged and poisoned systematically. This is unprecedented in the billions of years of life on earth.

What’s more the evidence that IT’S NOT WORKING has been largely ignored until recently!


Ageing Right Vs Wrong – the scorecard for modern medicine.


Have you heard of the concepts of Health Span, Movement Span or Super-Ageing?

See everything ages but the quality of that process is the key.

At what age is it ok for a wildebeest to become a burden to the herd? Well, the lions take care of that. The suffering of the elderly now begins in many people’s TEENS! By 30, 40, 50 when we should be in our PHYSICAL PRIME there is a massive drop off in performance and everything seems to hurt.

Bildergebnis für sig klein 50

Don’t believe me come and see my library of old-time strength athletes setting records in their 50, 60’s and beyond.

Sig Klein Owned A Gym In The Heart Of New York

While most suffer, a few profit from the avalanche of movement capacity. Body carpenters known as orthopaedic surgeons, aged-care facilities & pharmacies are catering to the deteriorated majority. The cost in $ and quality of life is beyond quantifiable.

Back to conception, the baby commences as DATA from both the mother and the father. What is the world like? The 2 combination of the 2 data chips can expect something similar to what their parents have lived and so a lot of the beliefs and chemical processes come hard-wired. Genes are already up or down-regulated based on the experience of the 2 parents contributing the data. (Epigenetics is the study of which genes are turned up or down, how that happens and what the impact is, think dimmer switches).

So we have a responsibility for the software on our data chips passed to the future of humanity, we also contribute hardware.

Miscarriages, premature births, intervention through labour and children born weak are all too common. Mother-nature and our ancestors didn’t stand for this. Spartan culture did just the opposite of nurturing weak children into life, they tested them from birth until 18 for women or 30 for men. Those who survived and passed became citizens, those who failed became middle class or died.

The next test in life for Spartan girls would occur when they turned 18, and their physical training would be key to them succeeding. At this age, Spartan girls would be tested for citizenship, it’s thought that this test was a mix of physical testing and mental testing, and allowed them to prove their worth and is successful become a citizen of Sparta. If the girl would fail her test, then she would not qualify to become a citizen and would be marked as middle class, which the Spartans would refer to as perioikos.

One a Spartan girl had passed her test, she was now a woman and all the benefits that were afforded to her from this were now available.


I’m not suggesting we don’t give every-child the best chance, exactly the opposite!

Let’s give every child the best chance through optimising our own existence to pass on the best opportunity we can. Deep down every parent or would be parent wants the best for their infants, leaders of the future. Modern systems of production and culture are not designed around human potentiation.

We must change this.

To achieve this we’re required to move away from the default pattern of living and find power in a new path to develop ourselves, restore the elderly and potentiate the generations to come.

RealMOVEMENT is created as a movement to accelerate this change.

The MOVEMENT of people choosing to bring movement back into their lives, realising that abundance is their birthright is rapidly growing. We’ve been gifted a beautiful abundant planet but without wellness, there is little joy or capacity to imagine, create and enrich the lives of others.

God’s work is creation. We are here to create. RealMOVEMENT foundations are Wellness, Mindset, Movement and Community, developing them makes all the difference.

We start this MOVEMENT with Movement.

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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