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Win By DOING – #R20P

How Do We Have It All? Introducing #R20P.

I’ve helped people achieve PHYSICAL goals for decades.

To do that I had to learn more about body chemistry and psychology.

As I delved deeper I realised that there is no such thing as physical success.

We have to win it all.

Or we win nothing.

There are many ways to fail:

  • Have fulfilling work but don’t get the bills paid
  • Have a great body but no income to be able to start a family
  • Make a tonne of money helping people but lose your family and friends
  • Get massive barbell numbers but lose connection with your purpose

There is only one way to win:

  • Have it all.

Moving towards >> Love – Abundance – Contribution >> this is my definition of success.

Take financial control.

Re-connect with your loved ones.

Have an abundance of energy, capacity and love what you see when you look in the mirror.

My greatest frustration since I made myself available as a mentor in 2014 is that I’ve been unable to acceleration the change in daily behaviours enough. We have consistently achieved quantum leaps in self-image and setting bigger goals and that has changed thousands of lives for the better. I will be forever grateful for the experience of participating in these transformations.


Are these people living their daily best?

I don’t think any of them can say yes.

I can’t.

#R20P is a definite commitment to close the gap between knowing and doing. To nail the daily actions required to accelerate success together with the big dreams and targets.

We will never arrive.

But those brave enough to sprint, claw and fight their way along the path will live the life that the legends of history have laid down as living and dying examples. Death is not something to be scared of but half-living is. Scraping by in every area of life.

If that was all that was possible then it would be ok. But it’s not.

Learn new physical and mental skills every 3 months.

Save and invest.

Know that the future is something bright and alive to be lived for.

Know that our decisions matter and that our actions count.

I’ve laid out systems of living that work. I’ve tested them on myself and the worlds best athletes. I’ve had people invest up to $30,000 a year to leverage them against themselves to implement these systems.

The results have been extreme.

Hundreds of people’s lives transformed.

Tens of thousands indirectly.

Indoctrinated and manipulated into a new and BETTER way of living.

University will not take us to this place.

A weekend seminar will never get us there.



Do I Live My Own System?


If I did I’d be God. I’d be a billionaire. I’d hold multiple world records.

The fun is in moving every day beyond inbuilt limitations and beliefs towards what has never been achieved.

What if I could.

What if we could.

The only way to become Tony Robbins is to be Tony Robbins for decades. Refining habits. Preaching. Connecting. There is great power in those daily actions.

There is little power in being “like” Tony Robbins. There is little power being in the audience.

The game is to embody the solution.

The game is to LIVE from the place of success.

#R20P is a Power Up process to free the enslaved.

By acknowledging our own weakness we can move into our light.

To move to a place where we change the world with our every breath, thought and action.

Eat Better.

Move Better.

Think Better.

Serve Better.

Love Better.

I’ve developed the systems BUT our current way of living and thinking is so WEAK that it takes phenomenal strength to break the shackles of slavery.

  • Leave Behind 9-5 in a job you don’t want until you can barely afford to retire
  • Leave Behind Your Unwanted Fat
  • Leave Behind Your Genetic Predispositions to Illness and Failure

This is an invitation to reinvent yourself.


You Will Fail In This Program.


You Will Fail.

You will also have the opportunity to continue. See a rocket fails it’s way to the moon. By seeing your weaknesses, where you’re lazy, where you’re slow. In this mirror, you will find great power.

The Cost?

The real cost it getting more of what you’ve got, knowing that you’re playing small and stunting the growth of all those around you by conforming.

$5.50 / day.

Imagine if your life was about to be transformed for $5.50 / day. Imagine if you were looking me in the eyes right now and you said you’re not worth that.

Can you even imagine that?

The time to step up and find power is now.

Imagine being celebrated as a leader among the extraordinary winning the $1000 cash prize for setting the standard to 20 other exceptional humans!

What if you could open a path to leading your own #R20 and paving the way for a future generation of leaders.



Is this about Prüvit and keto max?

Keto max is the most important breakthrough in nutritional science available on the market today. I will earn more than $7 figures and help my team to earn much more than that. I’ll also receive many times the seven figures in psychic income and connections but #R20 isn’t about ketones. It’s about you going from where you are now, to where you need to be. It’s about getting clarity and making moves that you would otherwise not make.

What is it?

You plan 3 months (13 weeks) with us. You implement that plan daily. You will not hit 100% of your targets but by staying in this game you will achieve more in 3 months than you have in the last 3 years.

Accountability partner. Scientifically proven daily tracking, 5-minute tasks and ongoing education and support.

Members content across all areas of the program.

Recommended training programs and food protocols. You can bring your own. What’s important is that we have a plan and we test that plan. Not every plan works but doing what you’ve always done is NOT going to give you an exponential return.

You will save money during this period. Money for life that will take you to a place of abundance from where you can serve the world.

Do I have to Eat / Train Like You?

No. You can. You don’t have to. I am in this battle with you. I love getting better. I fight the same demons. I’ve fought them from being flat broke at 30 to have a bed and breakfast in the country and 2 strong 6 figure businesses at 35 as well as a wife and 2 amazing children. You’re going to chase your targets. We’re going to make sure you hit them.

What’s #R20P mean?

R = real. This is not sugar-coated or fluff. This is getting real stuff done. Everyday.

20 = the group size. You will know everyone on your team. You will work together and you will make a change in your life.

P for Power-Up. You find power in simple daily wins. Stack them together and soon you will be standing in a place very few people have ever stood.

What Are The Prizes?

$1000 cash per quarter. Monthly and weekly awards – books, vouchers, new products etc.

Is This For PT’s and Performance Coaches?

This is for everyone wanting more with the courage to face their weaknesses and go after it. Men, women, and children from all walks of life will win on this program.

I’ve done To Do Lists before. It didn’t work for me.

This is not a to-do list. This is relentlessly transforming yourself in all aspects of life. It will be the hardest and most rewarding process you’ve been through.

Will you teach me handstands/juggling etc?

You have the opportunity to learn new skills that physically demonstrate your ability to change. You will receive access to full tutorials and feedback on your training videos.

Will I get shredded?

It is the intention of #R20P that you get the body you can serve the world best in. We will set those targets and pursue them relentlessly moving through whatever needs to be moved to best serve.

Is there a face to face?

#R20P members are encouraged to get together. The power of face to face with powerful people can’t be under-estimated. There will be live events around the world for this community as it grows.

What are the key influences on this program?

I’ve invested over $200,000 in personal development. It’s all a part of this program. There are influences from Tim Ferris’ success systems, Bob Proctor, Garret J White, Lyndon Holzheimer, Best Self, Charles Poliquin and endless numbers experts in nutrition and performance who have helped shape the guidelines on that side of the program.

Can I become part of the #R20P facilitation team?

Yes. The plan is to expand this and have coaches around the world facilitating the program through our systems and templates. When? Not yet. The first steps are to LEARN IT and LIVE IT and then to GIVE IT.

When Do I Start?

There are only 20 places. The product is priced to be accessible to all. Don’t miss this. We start June 6th. Your journey begins from when you complete your $ investment.


More questions? Message Keegan Smith on Instagram.

About Keegan Smith

Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN), founder of RealMOVEMENT Project and author of Performance Coach Success Blueprint, is a performance coach educator who's worked with Premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

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